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    Default Win 10, can't install

    Got a Satellite Pro R50-B here with faulty hard drive (bad sectors), so chucked a SSD drive in and can't install Windows 10.
    It boots off USB, then after a minute or so the screen turns to crap - see pic. Have tried a couple of older builds but the same thing happens. If I press a key when the screen turns to mush, it reboots. Display was working fine, Bios text all normal, live CDs display correctly, etc. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Win 10, can't install

    Found a workaround, put the drive in another PC and installed it that way then transplanted the drive back.
    Didn't boot first time, but changed a setting in the bios from CSM to UEFI and all good. Bloody computers.

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    Default Re: Win 10, can't install

    LOL, so solved it yourself. It means there's some hardware issue with first PC. Probably.

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    Default Re: Win 10, can't install

    Or some driver incompatibility.

    Some older laptops can have real weird hardware setups that won't work with anything but the OEM drivers.

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