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    Default Re: What AV programme do you recommend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    Why would you pay for AV when you can get it for nothing?

    I've been using AVG Antivirus FREE for a few years now with no problem.
    AVG was brought out by Avast, who in turn has been brought out by Norton.

    AVG couldn't stop a cold. Its often allows known infections through and doesn't recognise a lot of known malware. I've seen hundreds of customers computers who had AVG and were shocked when all the infections were discovered.

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    Default Re: What AV programme do you recommend?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    Malware gets past everything.
    AV cant detect new malware
    Some AV actually waits untill before the malware is ravaging the PC before doing anything eg some ransomware 'protection'

    My opinion : email AV scanning is the most important thing . Thats how alot of malware gets in.
    That's why I like Comodo's Defence+ HIPS.
    Set it to paranoid mode and it'll alert you when processes are trying to execute, access sensitive registry keys, etc.

    Once you set up a whitelist for what you have in your computer, you'll get alerts only on new stuff.

    Of course this does require extensive knowledge of Windows system processes etc, so you know what to allow or not, but if you have that knowledge, it's pretty good.

    Couple that with a decent AV and common sense, and you'll be very unlikely to get any kind of malware.
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