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    Default Trust Power

    Has anyone used Trust Power...they are giving away a new Samsung TV with new accounts for Power and Broadband. Does anyone here have any experience with them? Good or Bad. Cheers
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    They've been doing that for years. That's the hook....then you pay their comparably rip off prices. So I'd give them a miss.
    Help is fairly crap too, I know one of the helpdesk people too, zero experience. If you like script readers, fine....

    And they fail on customer service in general, that's been reported by various sites that do that sort of thing.

    Get your power via whoever is cheap for your area (powerswitch will tell you) watching out for cheap on signup and price goes up after catches.
    Get your broadband from a reputable company...Voyager for instance.

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    Default Re: Trust Power

    It's like those AA fuel discounts - Save 50c/litre of you buy $300 worth of stuff from PlaceMakers...

    But if you bought the same stuff from Bunnings you'd probably save more than the fuel discount!

    If you really want to save money, better off in the long run using the cheapest power company and getting a used T.V. from Cash Converters or something.

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