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    Default Intel NUC issues / HTPC

    Had this i5 performance kit for about 6 months. Primarily use it on the main TV for surfing, youtube, Netflix etc as well as accessing the home NAS using Kodi. Connected via HDMI.

    Been running fairly well for last while. I can leave it on 24/7 and when i switch the TV to that input, up pops the desktop or wherever we left off you Netflix etc....It just works / worked !!

    For last few days, when the TV is put on standby for a couple of hours ( or overnight as we first noticed ), when you switch it back on and select the input for the NUC, no signal. The power button light on the NUC is lit and solid indicating it's in state 'S0', but as far as everything else goes it seems dead to the world.

    The only way to solve the issues is to do a hard reset - hold power button for about 12 seconds. Then when all lights are off, press power button and she restarts and is good to go again. If we keep the TV on then no issues but not practical for obvious reasons.

    Ran Memtest today for 4 hours and all passed. Updated the bios to latest version and all good..

    However I did notice today when playing around - If I shutdown through windows software - bottom left of screen - the NUC powers down but the power button light remains on. I can't get it to restart or in fact do anything unless i go through the hard reset procedure as per above.

    Any ideas where to start faultfinding. I was thinking it's an HDMI issues but I beginning to think it's doing some version of power down but can't recover from it. All power settings and hibernation settings are set to off as well in windows aka stay on all the time.



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    Default Re: Intel NUC issues / HTPC

    1st have a read --

    Sounds more like a Graphic related Problem losing the connection when the TV is turned off. OR the software Operating system power ( turning off the display) settings. ( Fast boot enabled) - Try disabling it.

    What model of NUC, there are a few.
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    Default Re: Intel NUC issues / HTPC

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Tried many of those pages and changing settings in bios but nothing made a difference. I think i've been through about 5 of them today. Also, I can't see sleep type support in the bios I am using on the NUC so unsure if the bios layout has changed. Have disabled fast boot as well. The model is an NUC 11 Panther Canyon i5, Samsung NVMe m2 drive and Kingston memory.

    The interesting thing is I can't get this to shut down properly using the Windows Power Button. I also just installed samsung disk magician as someone else fixed this by updating the firmware on the samsung drive. Updated the firmware and samsung then said it was closing down the unit - and it did just that - blue power light went out. Restarted and tried to close using windows clicks and it's back into that catatonic state. Keep it coming thanks

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    Default Re: Intel NUC issues / HTPC

    I don't know if this is helpful or not. I have just had an Intel NUC made up for me as a replacement for my ancient laptop. So I am using it as a desktop PC unlike your use as a media centre.

    However, I was asked if I wanted Win10 or 11 installed before they migrated my stuff from the laptop. I asked if there were any issues with Win11 with NUCs, and the tech said they have had problems with the NUC waking up from a sleep state with Win 11. Their solution was to disable the sleep function.

    As I said I have no idea whether this is useful for you or not - are you on Win 11? BTW, I have had no problems with it waking up in the three weeks I have had the thing. Otherwise it is really snappy compared with my tired old laptop.

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