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    Default Vodafone Dumping TV starts shortly

    As its already been posted that Vodafone are dumping the TV Option, today got the 1st stage email relating to when.
    Kia ora

    We recently announced that we're closing our VodafoneTV service on 30 September 2022. We're working closely with Sky to transition your Sky subscription to them, to make sure you don't miss a moment of your favourite entertainment – and the good news is you don't need to do a thing right now.

    The transition to Sky will be in two phases:

    1. From 1 March 2022, we’ll transfer your Sky subscription and billing to Sky. There'll be no interruption to your service and Sky will make sure you're set up with the same channels, at the same price. You’ll keep watching on your VodafoneTV box and don't need to do anything.

    2. Sky will then be in touch about moving to a new Sky solution that works for you later in the year, including the option of their new internet-connected Sky Box.

    What does this mean for my broadband?

    You'll still receive a monthly bill from us for your current Vodafone Broadband plan, but without any charges for VodafoneTV or your Sky subscription.

    You’ll receive more info about the changes over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions please check for FAQs and regular updates.
    Don’t forget when VodafoneTV closes on 30 September 2022, you can recycle your VodafoneTV box – you can find out more information on

    Will be interesting to see if the current " not able to record" Channels will still be unrecordable. Someone I know spoke to Sky and they said there's no restrictions on any channels. Hmmmmm

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    Default Re: Vodafone Dumping TV starts shortly

    Hope that is correct. I keep my fingers crossed that Vodafone are on the ball. I have more faith in Sky although I have never had to deal with them.

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