A number of years ago, I downloaded the 'Electrum' bitcoin wallet, and set up a bitcoin address through it. But I never ended up using the wallet at all. It has a zero balance, confirmed with a search of the bitcoin address online that shows 0 balance and 0 transactions, as expected.

Since then I have reformatted my computer so any original encryption files stored locally would be long gone. But I know the bitcoin address still, and 99% sure I know the password.

I'd like to maybe start using the wallet now, but I have no idea how to reactivate it, or set it up. I have downloaded the latest version of the Electrum wallet, but I can't see how to add that Bitcoin address into it. I can create a new wallet, but if I use the 'import bitcoin address or private keys' option, and enter the bitcoin address, it will import it but in watching mode only, and I was not prompted to enter my password (eg, seems to be just for viewing balance only, not to do any transactions)
Is there any other way I can 'reactivate' this old bitcoin address and add it to this wallet, considering I am pretty sure I know the password?