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    Default Re: The universe is expanding

    You cannot begin to comprehend the scale of it (and how it all works). Certainly fascinating stuff.

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    Default Re: The universe is expanding

    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    It certainly seems that with such vast amounts of galaxies there must be some somewhere that have other life. But how will we ever find them or how will they ever find us? l
    We/they won't.
    Never mind how you travel or communicate across such distances,. then there is timing.

    We have had 5 extinctions on our planet already, perhaps something tried during one of these times....who was listening.
    If we become capable of it, who might not be listening right then?

    We're all just gazing upwards in our own corners of the universe.

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    Default Re: The universe is expanding

    Critters from another planet or suchlike may be interested in us as a food supply? See "War Of The World's" as an example!

    Mum from another planet calls to kids..... "Come and get it. Roast leg of Insurance Salesman from Earth"


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