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    Default American in decline ? : returnies video of his home city

    Interesting vid of an American who returned home to San Fransisco ,for a visit , after 2 years overseas.

    The inner city is now like a ghost town . Most shops shut & bordered up, once busy commuter trains now empty
    He mentions that covid has split the country in 2 , extremists on both sides dividing everyone .

    Most stupid thing was San Fran local govt decided to mandate not prosecuting anyone caught shoplifting less than US$1000 value. The shoplifters know they will never get procescuted & cops will not even show up . Another nail in the coffin for their shops

    Do you think this is the way NZ, or Ak is heading ? CBD's empty . Public transport empty . Crime just accepted & left unpunished .

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    Default Re: American in decline ? : returnies video of his home city

    If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to have a lot of money in the bank.
    San Francisco is a nice place to live..... The problem is that housing is extremely expensive here. A low-end house costs over a million dollars. If you rent you are looking at over 3k a month for a two-bedroom apartment and you will probably need first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit to get the lease.
    I do know some low-income people who live comfortably in San Francisco, they either own homes that they bought decades ago, or have section eight housing,

    I have one friend who lives in a two-bedroom apartment. A new landlord bought the place about five years ago. He has been trying to get her to leave for the past five years, and she is now the last holdout. She pays $1400 a month and he could rent the apartments out for over 3K a month. He wants to sell them as tenants in common or condominiums for over a million apiece.

    Then there are the homeless who are legion in San Francisco. I have a Face Book friend who was homeless for two years before he finally got subsidized housing.
    There are lots of nice things in San Francisco, tons of good restaurants, museums, concerts, Goldern Gate Park, the Legon of Honor, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, etc. But if you are coming here from elsewhere and want to live comfortably, I suggest that you have a job that pays at least 100K a year.

    LOL< sounds like most of NZ

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