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    Default IE5.1 Java Script

    On certain sites, clicking to open a new page that contains Java applets, nothing happens. Ticks are alongside all references to Java in internet tools - options. Any ideas from the experts?
    w95b IE5.1 with most updates

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    I responded to a similar problem a couple of days ago, and if it was you then obviously my advice would have been unsuccessful.

    If it was not you, then you might like to check to see if you have any advert blocking programs running on your machine. They sometimes prevent Javascripts from running and thus block new windows opening. If you have, turn it off and try again after closing then reopening Internet Explorer.

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    Thanks Susan. This worked fine on one troublesome site. I'm using adsubtract and as you said, blocks some java applets. Sne other site sometime works if I go thru Google, but not all the time. Didn't see your earlier reply.

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