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    Default Solutions welcome to this issue - tour commentary to close by vehicles

    In a few months time Ill be partaking in a 6 - 10 vehicle convoy touring historic mining sites. The tour commentator will be in the lead bus, but Im wondering if theres an FM microphone transmitter that will broadcast of to say 300M, so that those following in vehicles can also hear whats being described through their car radios.

    FM options please rather than bluetooth. Links appreciated.

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    Default Re: Solutions welcome to this issue - tour commentary to close by vehicles

    That kind of range is unlikely to be legal on the commercial FM range without a license.

    But you can get 5 watt FM transmitters on eBay from China for $100 that will probably do what you want.

    Tune it to an unused spot, and since you're mobile, it's unlikely anyone will detect you long enough to complain!

    Cheaper than giving everyone a CB set...

    The only other legal option would probably be streaming it as an internet radio channel that you'd all have to play with a smartphone.

    Bluetooth would never work over 300 metres, and only works on a 1:1 connection anyway, last I checked.
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