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    Default I was here years ago... why is no one talking about

    My question is: Why is no one talking about CPU/GPU mining on this site? Since surely, we are PC people.. (unless there is a section that I missed- easily done)

    Also I would understand why you wouldn't.

    Just wondering.

    I think the last time I logged onto here was a fair few years ago? Anyone out here? CHeers

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    Default Re: I was here years ago... why is no one talking about

    Is it even viable to use PC hardware for mining any more? Thought you had to have dedicated hardware these days.

    Besides, it's all a scam anyway? /flamebait

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    Default Re: I was here years ago... why is no one talking about

    No real reason to discuss it on this forum, it's a fairly niche topic and likely is discussed elsewhere by those engaged in it. I had a crack at litecoin mining back when it was booming and decided there's more risk than reward for most users. At the time I did my research and got all the information I needed from other places. If I had questions I would have asked them on the forums used by other miners, not a general PC help forum honestly.

    Some of my personal views on crypto mining:
    NZ power prices are too high to compete with other countries. (Mining crypto currency is essentially turning electricity into money so the price of power has a major impact)
    Making money requires you to take a gamble on which currencies will gain value and to get in early, once they hit the news for major profits the boom is usually almost over. (I managed to break even over 6 months with steadily declining profits the whole time)
    Big investors with huge farms will push the prices up quickly and make smaller operations lose profitability quickly, then they switch to the next currency and do the same.
    No matter what the developers try to do purpose built mining machines have always come along and made CPU/GPU mining obsolete within a fairly short timeframe

    And finally 2 related points;
    The crypto markets are volatile and easily manipulated by the wealthy, which they do for profit regularly.
    It's much easier and lower risk to just buy and sell the currencies rather than invest in a lot of hardware and mine yourself. Mining coins is really just equivalent to buying coins early in the hope the value will rise. That's it. You are spending money to get currency either way.
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