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    Default Onekdailyprofits scam

    On my cellphone a message from this site has taken up residence. Once a day, at least, I get a message encouraging me to join their scam. It says it is sent through the Edge browser. I can no longer view it fully except by pulling down from the top of my cellphone. There are no ways of unsubscribing or getting rid of it. What can I do please?
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    Default Re: Onekdailyprofits scam

    Forward the spam text message to 7726 and DIA will contact you with details on how to complete a report.

    Or blacklist it if you have that on your phone.

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    Default Re: Onekdailyprofits scam

    You probably have alerts enabled for some website in your browser that lets them push notifications to you.

    In the settings somewhere in the browser will be notification permissions. Look for some weird website in the allow list and remove it.

    They often trick you by popping up a message saying you must allow notifications to use the website etc. Then when you allow the site, they send you spam all day.

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