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    Default Residential wifi with cat5 backbone

    I am upgrading to fibre and want to improve the wifi around the house which isnt great.
    I am hoping that I can run cat5 from the router to wifi access points to improve my coverage.
    It would be very awkward to have 230V or 12V run to the AP.

    Is there a solution to power the AP over the cat5 cable?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Residential wifi with cat5 backbone

    use a PoE AP and PoW router (or injector).
    it puts power down the cat 5 and runs the AP off that. as long as all the gear is PoE capable.
    if your router is not provide PoE then you can get injectors which will put power up the cat 5.
    all available off the shelf.
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    Default Re: Residential wifi with cat5 backbone

    The short answer is yes. Your access points do need to be ones that are designed to be powered over ethernet though.

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    Default Re: Residential wifi with cat5 backbone

    If you are running Cat 5 then thats the hardest part.

    You can then attach something like the 300Mbps Wireless N Ceiling Mount Access Point These showing -- There are different more powerfull versions but these work Fine.

    Got one on our Lounge Ceiling, and apart from the fly sh1t on it you wouldn't even know it was there, just 100% wireless.

    Regarding power - you will still need a power point to power up the injector, which can be a multibox or a spare plug by the Router. The injectors then send the power Via the Cat5.

    The TP-Links come with the PoE injectors. Where as some other brands dont.

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