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    Default New Printeer advice....

    A couple of years ago I bought a Brother printer (MFCJ480DW). It has proven to be an ink guzzling disaster and is currently switched off.
    Some of the problem appears to be an automatic switch-on system to clean the heads. Over the years I have found less and less need for a printer
    but occasionally there is a need to print out the odd page. What advice I would like is as follows... Is it possible to buy a simple black ink only type
    without all the add-on bits, i.e. bluetooth etc., that I can plug into my Desktop PC. My current printer useage wouldn"t exceed 3 or 4 documents per month.

    Your thoughts and experience would be greatly appreciated...

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    Default Re: New Printeer advice....

    If its only Black get a Cheapish mono Laser. Some say inkjets are cheaper, but in the long run they are not.

    The advantages with Lasers are they don't go through cleaning cycles wasting Inks ( or toners) and most importantly the toners don't evaporite over time, like Inks do.

    Something like Shop around for best prices.

    I personally have BUT that has a few extras, network Capable, Scanner etc all needed in my work.

    One Brother laser I had out in the workshop, an old Brother HL-L2365DW Had been sitting out there for a couple of years not being used, SWMBO needed a printer when working from home, blew out the dust and spiders LOL, plugged it in and away it went - good as gold. The toner was still 1/2 full from last usage.

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    Default Re: New Printeer advice....

    Thanks for your quick reply. The one you mention is at a good price at PB Tech so I think I will check it out today. Seems the ink/toners cost about the same
    as separate ink cartridges but have a much larger life.

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    Default Re: New Printeer advice....

    I agree with Wainui that if it's B/W go for a laser. You can get color lasers reasonable cheap but the running costs are quite high. If you need color have a look at this new Brother color inktank MFC-J4440DW You can find it cheaper on the sales and sites like PB Tech.

    Paul W
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    Default Re: New Printeer advice....

    Thanks guys, bought the Brother and have just printed out two Vaccine Passports as a try-on, quick and neat. Stumbled a bit after setting up looking for controls and
    inputs that weren't there given how simple it is, not a bad thing at my age.

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    Default Re: New Printeer advice....

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    Some say inkjets are cheaper, but in the long run they are not.

    But neither are.
    What you have to look at is both the page count (per cartridge or toner) and the cost of that cartridge or toner.

    All the cheap ones suck at how many pages you get and thus they make their money from the ink or toner.....

    Check here before making a decision:

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    Default Re: New Printeer advice....

    for inkjets , its not CLAIMED pages per cartridge that matters .
    its wastage from cleaning cycles that matters . My cannon inkjet wasted more ink via auto cleaning cycles than I used printing .
    So, it went into the bin after 2 years .

    Also factor in new printers often come with very small starter cartridges , so may need to factor in cost of new toner/ink cart when buying .
    A laser starter cartridge should still last a reasonable time though , unlike inkjet starter cartridges

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