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    Default Food for thought

    Man certainly is the root of a lot of our worlds problems

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    Default Re: Food for thought

    But all the stuff used to make it, was on the planet in the first place.
    It's not like it disappears.

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    Default Re: Food for thought

    "human made" mass

    since when did humans "make" metals
    Bricks, basically hard dirt .
    Aggregate , basically dirt & small rocks,pebbles

    its just a load of nonsense .
    "The world is not getting any bigger " . True , but the total stuff on the world stays EXACTLY the same, it just gets moved around .
    We are bad humans , we shouldnt be moving all this stuff from one place to another

    What I found interesting is how much gold humans have accumulated . a 20m cube . Not that much for 4000+ years effort .
    But do you believe what the internet tells us

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