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    Default China Not Following the Same Covid Opening Up Strategy as Us

    "Our findings have raised a clear warning that, for the time being, we are not ready to embrace 'open-up' strategies resting solely on the hypothesis of herd immunity induced by vaccination advocated by certain western countries," the study states.
    It's not the least charm of a theory that it is refutable. The hundred-times-refuted theory of "free will" owes its persistence to this charm alone; some one is always appearing who feels himself strong enough to refute it - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Default Re: China Not Following the Same Covid Opening Up Strategy as Us

    "A group of Chinese mathematicians....."
    so not viral experts then.

    Same as the NZ expert who has zero medical background. His predictions of covid numbers didnt pan out, and hes on the Group that advises the Govt

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