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    Default For your Consideration & Comment.

    An E-Mail I received from a mate.

    Perhaps someone could help me out here …

    I have it on various degrees of anecdotal evidence that 99.9% of 5 year olds rock on up to their first day at primary school … and pretty much the whole lot of them can speak English …

    Now, I wonder who taught them?? … Whoever did this wasn’t instructed to do it, there was no letter from the ‘Ministry of English’ that arrived in the post on the day of your 0 year-old’s birth …
    They weren’t forced into doing it, they weren't compelled to do it … They weren’t coerced or bribed into doing it … they just did it for no apparent reason … and they didn’t charge the taxpayer a cent.
    Imagine that - a whole country of such diversity of ethnicity, of South Africans, of Samoans, of Hindus, of Muslims, of English all getting up in the morning, from all parts of New Zealand, none of them in contact with each other, yet all working in tandem, all without any instruction from anyone, nor any involvement of government and not costing the taxpayer a cent …
    And the product? Well, it is so astonishing that I am going to say it again … pretty much all five year olds that rock on up to primary school on their first day of can speak English.

    Now here’s another odd thing … In 1984, $3 million of taxpayer money was spent on teaching Te Reo … by 2016 it was up to $260 million … and now it is heading towards $600 million … and you know what?? … there are less Maori speakers now than there were in 1984.

    So now, here’s my point. Here we are in a country where people are sleeping in cars and in doorways … and we spend 600 million on Te Reo …

    I'm no builder, but I reckon you could build a cheap house for about $250,000. For 600 million you could build 2,400 homes …
    5 people in each home = 12,000 people housed..


    In what right and just society do we allow this insanity to prevail ???

    If you agree, pass it on!
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    Default Re: For your Consideration & Comment.

    i havn't checked the numbers to see if thats actually true, but we waste a ton of money on "niceties".
    i'm a fan of spending money on the basics first. spend it on the "niceties" with whats left over.
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    Default Re: For your Consideration & Comment.

    I am a builder and yes we can build houses for that, we just need to change the way we do things and standardise a lot of variables instead of making every house totally unique. I'm not saying they all need to look the same as per Europe, but make all windows only available in half a dozen sizes, etc and you could easily shave $100k from a build.

    I mean who actually needs 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 lounges. It's nice to have but not needed, we need to get over this want rather then need mentality. I built my house 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for $250k including large shaded deck and its still a reasonably sized house.

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    Default Re: For your Consideration & Comment.

    It's also noticeable that many new New Zealanders who don't speak English go to English classes at their own expense. They teach their children their native tongue and quite often the children have little or no English when they go to school, but when all the other children are speaking English they pick it up in no time at all. I have seen that happen with a young boy from a German family.

    So you just wonder about why the government spends so much money when we have immigrants that go out of their way to help themselves and although they would be grateful for some financial assistance they are motivated enough to improve their lot.

    Besides that, what is the reason behind spending that sort of money? What's wrong with the maoris that the government has to spend that much money? Why can't the maori parents teach their own children how to speak maori in the same way as the immigrants teach their children their own languague? I think that it comes down to the pride they have in their own tongue and the motivation to teach it to their young.

    Are they spending that sort of money to save the maori languague because the maoris are too lazy to do it themselves? It seems that way.

    So I do agree with you, BM. There are many more deserving causes that the government could be spending our money on. Perhaps someone needs to start a movement.
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