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    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    The only thing I didn't like was With Open host you could pay Monthly, But Crazy Domains its yearly Min, this is becasue I'm using a Linux Server. Its the same amount, just have to pay in one hit.

    The Security code that has to be entered to send a Request will only work On Linux. Keeps 99% of the scammers away, the odd one that does come through someone has to enter 4 required details ( Name - Email - Contact Ph Number and the Random Security Letters).
    I have 3 small websites hosted by WebhostingNZ on a Linux server at $8.95 a month Total for all 3. No email, databases etc. So far excellent, help desk is fast, usually get a reply in a couple of hours, and very helpful. I had a small problem with mail form attachments because the server is case sensitive. Fixed that by listing extensions in upper & lower case. WebhostingNZ was started by a Kiwi in Albany many years ago. When he died his daughter took it over. She lives most of the time in London, and the Company is registered there. Very clued up lady, and very helpful. She never seems to sleep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzee View Post
    It has been stolen!
    I could sue them, but I don't need the Domain now, its a matter of principle.
    Nothing has been stolen . Its exactly what Id expect .
    If the domain contact details were never kept up to date , thats not Crazy's fault
    Im having to sort this exact issue out myself , I advised the new owner of a domain , they did nothing , now its a cluster .

    The UDAI , to move the domain, can only be sent to the registered email adress .
    This is to stop domains being hijacked
    If that email address is dead , then Crazy should not be making this too easy , but should have some way to resolve it .
    Perhaps its not worth the effort for them , for how little profit from a single domain .

    Crazy Domains can be awefull to deal with , from experience .
    If the domain isnt important, just let it lapse , then re-register it via another host after it expired if you really want it .
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