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    Default New Computer - Transferring Image

    Hi all ... another topic I'm afraid.

    Have built up a new comp with an SSD HD and want to transfer an old HD image over to it so that I can keep certain Apps ... think they were called programs when I bought them ... operational.

    Question:- Has anyone heard or used a program called Macrium Reflect Home Edition or or a similar program that can edit the image and you can clean it up (delete unwanted rubbish) before transferring. And then the next question would be, will the transferred image (Win 10) update drivers on the new comp ?

    I'd prefer to do a fresh install of Win 10, but then I lose my other programes ... advice appreciated.

    Declaration:- Getting to old for this technocrap !!

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    Default Re: New Computer - Transferring Image

    Use Macrum all the time. As for editing the Images, they are read only usually, so while you can mount them and copy data to another location as far as I know you cant delete data.

    From a reply from Macrium ( 2009) someone asked a similar question:
    Unfortunately this isn't something that we are planning to include. Images and backup files should represent the state of your data/disk at the time of the backup. An editable image or backup file would break incremental backup sets and could be a source of confusion.
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    Default Re: New Computer - Transferring Image

    Thanks Wainui ...

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    Default Re: New Computer - Transferring Image

    They're still called programs, or applications.

    To my mind, "Apps" is a kindergarten level term, along with other lazy drivel, such as "Maccas".

    I don't understand why people do it.
    What's the point of shortening everything?
    Faster communication?
    Say Apps instead of Programs and take maybe 300 milliseconds off, for what?

    There's too much rushing in this world, and the finish line isn't exactly a place you want to get to quicker...!

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