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    Default Opinion: W11 or W10

    For those dabbling with W11, which of the two do you prefer to use at this stage of the game, W11 or W10?

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    Default Re: Opinion: W11 or W10

    Windows 11 is a bit faster. The only thing I personally dont like about W11 is having to find all the previous settings again. While the old style Control Panel is still there, again they decided to change the layout/ positions of settings in the newer layout.

    I quite got used to the Tiles on the start menu, that has changed as well, cant do as much customising like you could with the W10.

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    Default Re: Opinion: W11 or W10

    Windows 10 FTW!

    I have "attempted" running Windows 11 multiple times since it was available for public "consumption".

    • Windows 11 is snappier and appears to perform a bit faster.
    • I hate the "intuitive" context menus or should I say lack of decent context menus... there was/is nothing wrong with the context menus in Windows 10.
    • I hate the new Start Menu... no ability to create groups for applications/programs and you're now forced to pin your favourite programs which inevitably results in you getting to a 2-3 "page" Start Menu which then leads to a cluttered desktop filled with icons because that is the lesser of 2 evils when you have to choose between using the Start Menu or just shortcuts on the Desktop.
    • Why on God's green earth would you remove the "Never combine Taskbar buttons" option.... that is just plain stupid.... thankfully there are rumours this will be "fixed" in a future update.

    I have now decided to stick to Windows 10 until well I'm literally forced to upgrade... which is 2025.... and hopefully by then Linux will have come along even further because I'd like to eventually ditch Windows for Linux... but I am constrained because some of the games I play either do not run at all or do not run well. anti-cheat is a big part of this along with games which run primarily on DirectX... DXVK is making big strides in terms of "porting" the DirectX graphics API to the Vulkan API...

    I am hopeful that this will come to fruition in the very near future, especially with Steam forging ahead with better support for Steam games on Linux via their Proton platform... they have done some fantastic work and it is going to be awesome when "gamers" will have a legitimate OS choice in having Linux to consider as a serious contender over Windows.

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