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Thread: Spam ? message.

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    Default Spam ? message.

    Just rec this message from +61 480 350 140. (61 is aust but 480 is not) on my cellphone.
    "Dear, your parcel was delivered on 2021/10/26 to our drop off point. Read more about your pickup here:httpdo not use)//
    Did not follow link. Googled ohakor with no real result.
    Any comments welcome.

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    Default Re: Spam ? message.

    Treat everything as suspicious . They are hoping people will click the link without thinking
    It happens alot, usually links on email though .

    " FluBot automatically sends text messages from infected devices to contacts it has received from other infected device"

    "Do not click on the link if you receive a suspicious text message, and do not install any app or security update the page asks you to "
    "If you have been affected by this campaign, you should factory reset your device as soon as possible. This will delete any data on your phone, including personal data "
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    Default Re: Spam ? message.

    This "parcel" scam has been widely advertised as a scam.
    I get another periodic weirdo . My mobile phone rings showing a nr supposedly in UK but if I answer and say hello nothing happens. i have previously reported such to Netsafe.
    I have BitDefender installed on my phone. Any ideas of what such phonecalls are trying to accomplish?

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