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    Default Zoom Issue

    Recently my brothers zoom meetings....there are 2 hardware choices for audio and for microphone.'

    They are really the same thing.One is [brand name] and the other is Built in.

    What happens is the damn thing stops working, there was a mad panic the other day while I figured it out and chnaged it to the other and they were able to resume their meeting.

    It does it again, like this morning.
    Now we've swapped it to the other one and as well as exiting the meeting and restarting it, it's happy.

    My question is why?

    It was working fine since last years lockdown just fine, now it has this issue?
    The only thing my brother said he has done is update the Zoom version, he said it insisted.

    PITA having to mess about every time, my brother now needs to go into the meetings early so he has time for all this fluffing about. Annoying.
    And I generally get fetched to come sort it when he forgets.

    This is on Linux, both laptop and desktop do it, it's not device specific, and it's not a Linux issue, we don't have to touch any Linux stuff at all, nor hardware, it's only ZOOm.

    he uses mic, speakers and stuff on other programs, no issues, just Zoom.
    Zoom website isn't helpful, just says to do what we are doing, swap to the other choice.

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    Default Re: Zoom Issue

    Just a LONGGGGG Shot in the dark -- had a similar with a Apple Device the other day, (ipad connected to a Piano) It started off as it should, then decides to change outputs on its own (killing all audio) Tracked the problem to there was a program on the ipad that wanted to take over the Audio-- Could be similar ??

    Something else could be taking over the Audio and causing Zoom to Drop -- just a guess ??

    "IF"similar, Being linux I wouldn't have a clue as to where to look in the settings. Is there somewhere to look to see where the Audio is directing to when Zoom drops ??? (other devices for example)

    Did just find this linux / Zoom Article -- Its could be something in Linux That Zoom doesn't like to play nice with.

    Seems it happens quite a bit in Linux (reading several Aricles)

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    Default Re: Zoom Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    Seems it happens quite a bit in Linux (reading several Aricles)
    Just found that post, he is playing about with the suggestions now.

    And yes...perhaps another update, seems fairly common.
    Damn annoying though, I was in the shower cleaning it this morning and had to rush off to help. (He forgets the procedure, I've printed steps out now)

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    Default Re: Zoom Issue

    I've had Zoom do some weird stuff like that too. I also use it in Linux. Maybe a later update will fix it.

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