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IHow come I have not seen a Maori newspaper? Surely some Maori organisations should be creating one to promote Te Reo. There ae Chinese ones and Indian ones created by those ethnic communities.
Very true. And a few years ago I did continuity announcing for Access Community Radio and for a small fee you could broadcast a programme on any subject in any tongue. When I was there they had programmes in 45 different languagues, none of them maori. That speaks volumes. They just don't seem interested.

But no. Why should they make an effort when the government is prepared to throw millions at them.

I'm a white boy. I'm on a pension so I don't have a big income, but it seems that I am the wrong colour, because to receive any benefits I need to be almost destitute. I have put aside funds to invest for my old age and it is a good thing that I have as I am not eligible for any handouts and that counts against me when I am wanting to access services. But, of course, if you are of the brown persuasion you have no worries - the government will look after you. It's racism in reverse.