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    just as long as TVOne News and the Labour Government continue to cram it down our throats!!

    Am I alone in believing that we, the majority, have no say in the matter?

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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!


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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!

    I hear it on the news and Seven Sharp in particular and have absolutely no idea what it is about. To me it's just noise.

    So yes, I do believe you are correct, Zippity, we do not have any say.

    And I certainly don't learn anything, because it's just meaningless to me. Not only that, I'm not the slightest bit interested.

    But I do remember - and understand - some of the French I learnt at school. And in later years I have also learnt some German. Those two languagues have some use and relevance as do other European tongues. But maori? What use does that have? You can't go anywhere else in the world and be understood.

    There was a suggestion on the news recently that New Zealand's name be changed and that NZ should change all the English town names to maori names which would make them all completely unrecognisable. What a load of twaddle!

    No. We are English and that is the languague of this country. I have no objection to the maoris speaking their own tongue, but I agree with Zippity, why do they continue to ram it down our throats?
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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    because it's just meaningless to me. Not only that, I'm not the slightest bit interested
    Sums up my approach perfectly.

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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!

    There are alternatives to TVOne news. I haven't watched it in ages, I read news online all day so there's nothing new.

    If you must watch news, as I said, plenty of alternatives.
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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!

    Unfortunately 3News seems to be catching up with TVNZ in speaking pidgin English these days and replacing the country name and most city names with Maori ones or hybrid names. No doubt they have been told to say this or their government bribe will be cut.

    Paul W
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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!

    And yet the Maori can't get off their backsides and get jabbed. They want it all but can't do the right thing when required to do so. NO GIVE, ALL TAKE. And now our STUPUD government is giving them $120m to help. Where has all the reasoning gone. Talk about a government without spine!

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    Default Re: YOU WILL LEARN MAORI!!!

    I worked it out roughly that there were around 344,000 eligible Maori who hadn't been vaccinated yet. Divide $120M by that and for the same money but different way of doing it, the govt. could give them all a one off payment of $348 paid after both jabs completed!

    Think about it

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    I agree Roscoe. I leant some French at School and found it helpful in North Africa. Whilst away I also learnt some German, Italian and Afrikaans .Very helpful when travelling . Often other travellers were like me e.g. Iranians and we found we could converse albeit somewhat restrictedly by one of German , French or Italian.
    German was qyuite popular i Bali. In South Africa ,when I was there, major cities were known by 2 names -English and Afrikaans e.g. Capetown Kaapstadt. Even now under majority rule many cities have retained those old names.
    How come I have not seen a Maori newspaper? Surely some Maori organisations should be creating one to promote Te Reo. There ae Chinese ones and Indian ones created by tgose ethnic communities.

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    But why should they be allowed to hold the Country to Ransom?

    It seems their Palm must always be “Crossed with Silver” with no guarantees you’ll get anything for your trouble.
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