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    Default The Falkirk Wheel

    The Falkirk Wheel is a very large boat lift that raises vessels up and lowers them down from the Forth Canal to the Clyde canal in Scotland. Read about it here:

    The story of The Falkirk Wheel, as well as other engineering feats, is told in the TV series Impossible Engineering on Duke each day at 5.35. Well worth a look, or you can watch the show on demand at TVNZ On Demand. Very interesting.
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    Default Re: The Falkirk Wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    TV series Impossible Engineering on Duke
    Yes, good show that one.

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    Default Re: The Falkirk Wheel

    Love watching it too, when I can!.

    BH's family came from Falkirk to Bluff in the 1800's.


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