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    Default MS save passwords

    When you create a new item requiring a password, MS wants to save the new password for you. How safe is the MS saved passwords?

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    Default Re: MS save passwords

    Safe as any other method. NOTHING is fool proof. Personally I NEVER allow any browser to save Banking passwords.
    There's all sorts of other ways as well , password managers etc

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    Default Re: MS save passwords

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    Safe as any other method. NOTHING is fool proof. Personally I NEVER allow any browser to save Banking passwords.
    I don't allow mine to save any of them.
    Nor websites saving payment methods.

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    Default Re: MS save passwords

    I used to (with chrome actually....and well back in the day firefox). But don't now unless it's one of my internal sites I want real quick access to (and are not exposed to the internet).

    I also used to use keepass (a small password database) with a browser extension that woul dsee a password being used and supply it....but after moving to edge, the extension stopped working, and so I looked at and now use keepass stil, but with global auto type. Like for here, I navigated to teh user/password fields and pressed ctrl-shift-a and it found the pcworld entry and typed in the user and password for me.

    The DB I do have shared, but equally it could just exist on this machine. Quite easy to set up, has apps for phone if you wish, and makes life much easier....and the best thing no cloud
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    Default Re: MS save passwords

    I use a password manager but in addition have 2 Factor Identification set up on any financial and for other sensitive sites.

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