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    Quote Originally Posted by allblack View Post
    I don't think so.

    It annoys me when people refer to the PM as 'Adern'. I'm no fan, but people should respect the position, if not the person.

    Same with Trump. Regardless of opinion, he was the PRESIDENT of the US. Respect the role.
    Agreed ... +1

    Not wishing to hijack the thread, what gets to me is the practice creeping in of using political rank as a honorific. What I'm referring to is referring to is the PM using "Minister Hipkins" rather than "the minister for Covid disinformation, Chris (or Mr) Hipkins"

    Wish Prefect hadn't been banished, he would have had a ball with inferences of communism ...
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    Default Re: Journalistic Standards

    Come back Prefect Upgrade to 105e Anglia if necessary.


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