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    Default Dual Monitor set up

    I have dual monitor set up on this laptop. Monitor 1 is my laptop's own display and the other is connected to the TV via HDMI cable. It works OK under normal situation

    It is set up to power OFF after 15 mins of no activity. and both the TV and laptop's own display turns off.

    When I move the mouse or KB, only the TV wakes up and the laptop's display remains sleeping... it's annoying ... as I won't be able to do anything without the laptop's own display.

    How do I make it to wake up both the display? Or that's the way it works?

    But my desptop PC has dual display setup and it wakes up both the monitors...

    They are both running Windows 10 Professional with the latest updates.

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    Default Re: Dual Monitor set up

    Set them so they don't turn off.

    In Search, type Control Panel - Open it - Make sure you are in Large ( or Small ) Icon View ( top right where it says View By).

    Locate Power Options - Under Preferred Plans, select High performance - Or what ever you want -- Click Change Plan Settings ( on right) - Set to NEVER. Now the screen will stay on all the time, even if you close the lid.

    Click image for larger version. 

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