I'm still getting to know my new Samsung Flip3 5g phone. One issue I have is getting the clock to display exactly how I want it. What I would like is for the clock to display seconds in digital format, e.g.16:47:36.
The normal clock display only does hours and minutes. I can specify an analog clock widget that goes on the cover display that displays a second hand. When the lock screen activates (I have it set to blank), if I double click it I get a hh:mm clock display for about 5 secs. If I tap that clock while it is displaying I do get a hh:mm:ss display, but only for about 10 secs, then it all reverts. I have not found any way to modify any of that.
Google support says

  • Open your phone's Clock app .
  • Tap More. Settings.
  • Tap Display time with seconds.

My phone doesn't have "more" settings there, and I can't find "Display time with seconds" anywhere. It maybe that Samsung have disabled that for some reason.

Any suggestions?