I still have my box Brownie, although I can't buy the film for it any more. It was monochrome. I think there was 10 shots on a Kodak 620 film. In the day that the box Brownie was popular, I had to be careful that I only took a good photograph. Film was too expensive to waste on just anything. It had to be worthwhile. These days, with digital cameras, you can take as many as you want and if it doesn't turn out good enough, you just delete it and try again. And with portraits you can afford to take 3 or 4 and pick the best one. Quite a difference. Then print out your choice on photographic paper. That must have put a few people out of business.

I used to take the exposed film to the chemist for developing and printing and I recall they did not chose which photographs to print, they just printed them all good or bad. It took a few days. I received the photographs and the negatives in a double envelope. After picking up the prints I would look at them even before I left the shop. With film I just had to wait until I got the prints back before I could see if my efforts were any good. Nowadays it's almost instantaneous. A big improvement.