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    Default Electric Cars, Saving the climate

    Carbon extracted from Southland coal could be used to produce next-generation electric vehicle batteries and earthquake proof buildings under new research and development from the New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research.

    Secure supply of coal from across New Zealand was key in the development of these new technologies and could form part of a just transition for traditional coal mining towns.

    “We think there’s a real opportunity to develop new technologies using the existing coal,” he said.
    Currently, work was focussed on coal taken from the West Coast, but Hoskin saw no reason Southland coal could not be utilised and was open to conversations with investors in the region.

    “We’ll take large amounts of West Coast coal to produce these products, but there’s no reason it can’t be done in Southland either,” he said.

    He anticipated the institute would move to a round of capital raising mid-next year, with the hope to get a factory up and running in 2023.

    Uh, yeah, right.

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    Default Re: Electric Cars, Saving the climate

    More political or politically driven posturing? They must have figured out the electorate is seeing through the tactic that an Announcement that an Announcement is to be made next (insert appropriate date here, but if the announcement is likely to prove contentious, make sure it's made on a Friday afternoon, too late for the Friday 6:00pm news, and after those who who can be critical have left for the weekend).
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    Default Re: Electric Cars, Saving the climate

    Graphite is the form of carbon they're after. It needs a lot of processing to get the grain size and purity they need... it's a long step from plain old coal, and there's dozens of parallel battery developments that could either increase or eliminate the role of graphite in future battery tech.

    As an industry it has the potential for a boom, but also has the potential for a bust, and being a black hole that swallows investors cash.

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