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    Default Trouble with Stuff

    This morning while using Stuff, I attempted to block an annoying advert that was not being taken care of by my Adblock Plus program.
    I am running Win 10. I now have a problem where I can open up Stuff as usual, but cannot open any of the articles from the home page.
    On clicking on the item selected, it clicks to the usual blank page while loading, but then stops. No dialogue follows.

    All other programs etc are loading properly, the only problem is with stuff I have turned off the Adblock program but this doesn"t assist.

    Any thoughful advise...?

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    Default Re: Trouble with Stuff

    Have solved the problem, a second Addblock program appears to have been the problem....

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    Default Re: Trouble with Stuff

    Yep Ublock origin wasn't working too good so have switched to adblocker ultimate and that is working great

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    Default Re: Trouble with Stuff

    I usually use Addblock Plus but strangely enough it was Ublock origin that was the problem. Might have to bin it.?

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