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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post
    Are you for real?

    Go get a life!
    What on earth are you talking about?

    DDoS is one the most basic ways to overload any service- keep hammering servers with a massive amount of data until they give up the ghost.

    There have been companies who specialise in mitigating these attacks very effectively for years now- attacks that are much bigger than what Kiwibank/ANZ/Metservice etc faced- and any business who provides essential services and doesn't have decent protection in place is at best incompetent and worst grossly irresponsible.

    These services aren't even expensive, and are offered by a number of big name companies- Cloudflare, MS/Azure, Amazon/AWS, Google/GCP, Akamai, Level 3, all of whom are big players in the enterprise space.

    Edit: Checking the IP history, Kiwibank used to run their main site through a company called RedShield Limited- and have now moved on to routing through AWS as of a few days ago- smart move. Smaller companies won't be able to cope with the traffic load like big ones with giant distributed networks can.
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