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    Default Re: Prime Minister, not all of your "team of 5 million" is that stupid

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    Experts doing the opposite of what they are advising
    Minister of Health going mountain biking during a lockdown, and taking his family for a long drive during a lockdown.
    AKers still leaving Ak for a holiday , thats still happening .
    Mass exit to holiday homes out of Ak the night before lockdown.
    That's the theme of this thread ... "not all of your "team of 5 million" is that stupid".

    Auckland, being the most populated centre of the country, obviously has proportionately most of its quota of idiots, and this just goes to prove it.

    Disproportionately though are the actions of the member for Remutaka, a Cabinet Minister renowned for having his sanity questionable then as is now, in the process shooting himself in the foot - and thereby showing stupidity is not exclusive to JAFAs.

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