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Thread: 365 email & 2fa

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    Default 365 email & 2fa

    A few questions about 365 buseness email & 2FA (2 factor authentication)

    2fa setup in 365 is pretty straight forward, but...

    email on phones (Apple & Android). Now just as important as email on the desktop.
    Obviously having to be txted a 2fa code on the phone your are using for email could be problematic. Wait a pain that will be .
    Is it just a painfull experience that will have to be put up with ?
    MS have an authenticator app for phones that takes care of that, but is the authenticator app REALLY 2fa (really a 2nd factor )?

    I tried on my Android tablet the Outlook app & the authenticator app . It does the job , but is somewhat buggy, I keep getting notifications to "sign in" . Closing & reopening Outlook fixes it, but not a good option. Again, not sure if its True 2fa ?

    What happens for a business with Outlook folders shared to other users :so other users can see some emails , or create an email & put into other users drafts folder.
    Or when more than 1 user has access to the same email adress
    I havnt found any relevant info on that after 2fa is implemented . Is it as simple as having alternate phone numbers to txt 2fa codes to ?

    Any advice from those who have setup 365 2fa in small businesses with shared email a/c's , what issues they had & workarounds they found.
    I cant use 365 app passwords , because strict 2fa has become a requirement (not dual passwords)
    Any issues with 365 2fa on iphones default email app ?

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