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Thread: Water filters

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    Default Re: Water filters

    Thanks for all the advice guys, I think I'll go with 1101's advice and try a carbon filter.

    Also picked up this water drop stuff from the supermarket that comes in different fruit flavours, bought a 5L dispenser and have been keeping it topped up with the drops and bottled water- the mango flavour is especially nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary67 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenj View Post
    Where are you psycik. We are Napier and went whole house last December. What a difference! I am one of those who gets an itchy rash from chlorine and for years, SWMBO had to put creams etc on my back. All good within a couple of days.

    I'm in Lower Hutt. We used to be a natural acquifier, but around the time of the Napier/Hastings had it's water issues where people got sick...around the Wellington earthquake was it? They found cracks in it and so adding chlorine.
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    We use a Britas filter jug for drinking, tea and coffee making. This is a 1 litre plastic jug with a filter cartridge (mainly activated carbon, but claims some base exchange resin to remover metals. The cartridge has to be changed about one a month. Costs for cartridges are about $29 for two pack, original jug and two filters several years ago about $50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allblack View Post
    Oh Ok. Cool. Learnt something today.

    Next question. Why an allocation as opposed to help-yourself? Are they concerned you'll use too much compared to those in suburbia?
    We get charged a set amount as they know what our allocation is, if we were unrestricted in theory we could irrigate our whole block as could all the neighbours this would leave nothing for the township I guess.

    Also although our water is chlorinated now and has been for 2 years chlorine evaporates if stood for a while so never taste it as our water first goes into a 30000l tank which overflows into a 15000l tank (both of which we have to have for fire fighting and so cannot draw from them) but the 15 then overflows into our household tank. That way the fire tanks are always full and the chlorine has evaporated.

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    Default Re: Water filters

    Thankfully, our WCC supplied water is as pure as........

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    Default Re: Water filters

    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    It's not chlorine.
    Its old age.

    I lived in Auckland for decades, me, husband, son - who gets bad eczema never had this issue. neither do thousands of others there.

    he did after we moved. So does my brother now, and aged SIL.

    Alpha Keri lotion works.

    Napier has hard water - alkaline. And often gets sludge in the system, I wish they DID have proper treatment, I miss Aucklands safe and PH neutral water.
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    Default Re: Water filters

    i got a single carbon whole house filter. it has a 5 mic filter rating and town water is pretty clean anyway. so no real need for a pre filter.
    our chlorine can be really high at times and being a country lad who is used to rain water, it was really off putting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    The type of filter depends on whats in the water, how badly the water is contaminated & and what you want to remove .
    Any filter is better than none , but getting the correct filter isnt that simple.

    I used to have a 2 stage undersink, separate ion exchange & carbon
    Then went to a distallation machine : very slow(many hours) & actually required extra filters to remove chlorine
    Now just have a basic carbon undersink filter . May not be the best , but good enough for Ak tap water .

    Carbon filters are cheap , worth a try and might get rid of nasty tastes .
    I use one too and they are great. There is no point to spend a lot of money for expensive ones.

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    Default Re: Water filters

    I have an under sink filter from purewater products just because when I moved to the other side of town the water tasted a little odd. I am not overly concerned about what's in the water but I didn't like the taste.
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