I don't understand why you need a water filter.

I have been drinking tap water for the last 77 years with no ill effects, so I have no need for a filter.

We own a motorhome and fill the fresh water tank with water from the outside tap and have been drinking that water for the last 11 years, once again, with no ill effects.

I read the FB page of NZ motorhomers and I am surprised at the many people who carry expensive bottled water in their van, or use a filter, as they will not drink the water straight out of their water tank.

I'm quite certain the councils of NZ would not supply anything but the cleanest, purist water to the consumers throughout the town. And if chlorine was harmful in any way, they would not be treating their water with it. So I have no problem drinking water straight from the tap and although I may not be the healthiest person around, I do not have any serious health problems.

So why would you need a water filter? Just does not make any sense.

Anyone else feel the same?