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    Default Your motherboard opinions.

    I am still toying with the idea of updating my 11 year old MB. I find it to be one of those itches that needs to be scratched. I am considering the Asus H570 Prime but I am wondering what manufacturer you might consider as the best at present?

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    Default Re: Your motherboard opinions.

    Asus or Gigabyte.
    Mines 11 too, but I'll wait till it dies.

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    Default Re: Your motherboard opinions.

    What is your budget and do you have a CPU already?

    The top brands (not in any order of preference and their various series names);

    1. Asus (PRIME/TUF/ROG)
    2. Gigabyte (AORUS/Gigabyte Gaming/Ultra Durable)
    3. MSI (MEG/MPG/MAG)
    4. ASRock (AQUA/Phantom Gaming/Creator/Taichi/Steel Legend/Extreme/Pro/OC Formula/Fatal1ty Gaming)

    I have been a long time Asus user and had very few issues with any of their gear (motherboards and graphics cards alike) and when I did the warranty/RMA process was a breeze. I am a fan of their PRIME and ROG series (have not tried their TUF series though).

    I have recently switched to Gigabyte for my AMD build and they do not disappoint either. Mr's Chief is running a Gigabyte Ultra Durable 115x board (about 6 years old now) and it's still solid. She is getting an upgrade to an AORUS X570 platform in the next few weeks.

    Pick the board based on your needs. Consider CPU/chipset support, I/O and other "features" a board comes with---->PCI-E 3.0 or PCI-E 4.0, no. of expansion slots, USB-C, Wi-Fi 6/Bluetooth 5, 2.5Gb ethernet, Bios update/flashback options.

    If you want to stay with Intel I'd advise AGAINST upgrading now and wait until their new CPUs come out, which will be at the end of this year BUT will only likely be available early next year for the mainstream consumer market.

    Personally, I woud recommend AMD (and before anyone accuses my of being a fanboy or shill.... I have been a long time Intel user, I have never owned or used anything else but Intel up until now and I am also an avid gamer so I fit the Intel fanboy description more than anything else yet here I am on AMD and loving it);

    • It performs better and I'm not talking solely about clock speed here (AMD does have lower clock speeds but they beat the pants off Intel in every other department)
    • The AMD products are far more superior when it comes to thermal and power efficiency
    • Ryzen has far superior IPC
    • Ryzen can boost for longer (thanks to better thermal/power efficiency) compared to the Intel (11th Gen i7/i9 on average will only boost for 52-56s before throttling back)
    • AMD offers better value for money, not only just price to performance but also generally lower pricing compared to Intel
    • DO NOT GO AMD if you need Thunderbolt support, though there are some board manufactures (I think Asrock is one and maybe eVGA) who have started putting Thunderbolt controllers onto their AMD based motherboards...

    Apart from that, like I said, if you want to stay with Intel, then I'd hold off on scratching that itch until 2022.... if however you're happy to move to a new platform (and the itch is just to much to ignore) then look at an AMD system (5600x on X570 is a good starting point) The X570 chipset will still be supported for a few years but once it does go end of life, the 5600x CPU is likely to be supported on whatever the new chipset will be so you will just need to upgrade yor motherbard if you really want to.
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    Ryzen 5 5600X
    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wi-fi
    Corsair Hydro H100x
    32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz
    WD 512GB M.2 PCI-E 4 NVMe
    WD 1TB M.2 PCI-E 4 NVMe
    Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3070 Ti Master
    Corsair 4000D Airflow
    Corsair RMx 850W

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    Default Re: Your motherboard opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by chiefnz View Post
    The top brands [*]Asus (PRIME/TUF/ROG)[*]Gigabyte (AORUS/Gigabyte Gaming/Ultra Durable)[*]MSI (MEG/MPG/MAG)[*]ASRock (AQUA/Phantom Gaming/Creator/Taichi/Steel Legend/Extreme/Pro/OC Formula/Fatal1ty Gaming)[/LIST]

    Asrock is utter crap, never mind what company is the mother company. Chinese components is why.
    Other than being a tech I was a RA person for a wholesaler. I saw the ones that came back lots, vs the good ones.

    Gigabyte is number 1.

    MSI used to be ok, decent price and features but lately their models are not as they used to be, overclock are inconsistent.

    I'd stick with Asus and Gigabyte....

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    Default Re: Your motherboard opinions.

    Im running an Asus x570 - E gaming wifi with an 3700X AMD cpu.

    Last couple of systems have run Asus motherboards.

    Asus would be my reccomendation.

    Just depends on how much you want to spend.
    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.


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