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    Default Re: Did you have a crystal set?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pato View Post
    B.M. That brings back memories. It looks like I went through the same stages of building electronics that you did. I recall building a crystal set in a match box.

    Then progressed to the Hikers One which was followed by other electronics and an interest in Morse transmission. Those were the days. I guess a lot of us have similar stories to tell.
    Pato, since I wrote that post memories kept flooding back and when you mentioned a matchbox crystal set, OA85 glass Germanium Diode or equivalent 1N34 popped up.

    My sets were the old Cats Whisker type where the Cats Whisker was too big for a matchbox.

    When those little glass diodes came in I had moved onto Hikers One's. Struth, as I typed that 1Q5GT and DL36 popped up. (They were the valve equivalents with 1Q5GT being the better.)
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    Default Re: Did you have a crystal set?

    Quote Originally Posted by kenj View Post
    Oh yes, that's what I listened to the Goon Show and the beginning of Rock 'n Roll on the Top 10 Hits! Thought it was wonderful in those days. Bill Haley rulz!!

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    Default Re: Did you have a crystal set?

    I remember making one but I don't recall it being successful. I also remember climbing out onto the roof and attaching a wire that I ran about 50M up the bank behind our house and attaching it to a tree to use as an aerial. First windy night the tree moved too much and snapped it. Version 2 had a post in the bank.
    I enjoyed doing that stuff. I used to have a couple books with a lot of designs for crystal sets and basic transistor radios.
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    Default Re: Did you have a crystal set?

    That is a fond memory of mine. Thank you for bringing that up.

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    Default Re: Did you have a crystal set?

    Yes I built or a friend helped me in 1960 in Gisborne. I heard Halberg and Snell's Rome Gold medals listening on it. When we next moved to Te Awamutu in 1961 we moved to a newly built house high on a hil.had a longer higher aerial and my bedroom was higher off the ground but for some reason my reception was more erratic than it had been in Gisborne

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    Default Re: Did you have a crystal set?

    I actually saw a ZC1 a couple of weeks ago at an army surplus place in k rd.
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