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    Every time I click on a favorite or link it takes me to advertisement with no back tab then the 2nd time I try I get to my site and then when I click on any link it goes back to advertizement.. So it's double work when I browse and I have malwarebytes. I have Edge which came with windows 10 but I think I need another browser?

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    Could be something in the temp internet files, seen that sort of things many times. Run Disk cleanup or if you have it ccleaner.

    If you install Ccleaner, make sure you select the CUSTIMIZE option (its in small writing directly under the big install Button) . Then you can untick the rubbish it tries to install on the 3rd (from memory) Window. If you simply click "Install" you'll end up with probably with either Avast, Avast VPN or CCleaner browser installing.

    Having Malwarebytes doesn't mean much, its not detecting what ever is causing the redirections.
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    Default Re: Malware

    You have a browser hijacker malware.
    Clean it out.

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    I have encountered websites that seem to be designed like this on purpose, torrent sites and the like. One site it was happening every time I clicked a magnet link (straight to a gambling site the first time, worked correctly the second) but mysteriously stopped happening when I created an account and logged in which I did to query it on their forums. They denied any such thing but logging out and testing then logging back in and re testing confirmed it only happens if not logged in. I just assumed they were getting add revenue that way and put it down to the risks of using such sites.

    So it's happening everywhere it's probably something as suggested by Wainui or piroska, but if it's only on certain websites maybe they are just dodgy websites.
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    Reset your browsers to default . easy to do with FF & Chrome
    check your DNS settings
    reset 'internet' in control panel
    Run a full AV scan of the PC

    is it only just some websites doing this ?
    as above , some websites just do that sort of thing , either by design or the website was hacked

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