When I went to school we were taught that when the colonists came to New Zealand and found out that the maoris had no written language then they wrote it down for them and they wrote it down as they heard it. Surely if they had heard Owtearoa, that is what they would have written down. But they didn't. They wrote Aotearoa. So why do they say Owtearoa? And what about Whakatane? Why do they say Fukutaneh? I can't understand where they get F from Wh. And why do they pronounce an a as a u? And e as eh? And so much more.

Where do they get this pronunciation from? TVNZ seems to lead this crazy way of pronouncing maori. There just does not seem to be a standard, only TVNZ's standard.

And while we are talking about TVNZ - why do they have all this maori on the news and Seven Sharp? I'm certain the majority of viewers have absolutely no idea what they are talking about - not even most of the maoris.