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Colonialism Nonsense

Sir Bob Jones July 20, 2021

Try and imagine the carry-on in Britain if its government announced special privileges for the original Anglo-Saxon and Celt citizens.

Nearly 40% of today’s Brits are of non-traditional ethnicity. Take those of Indian ethnicity. They have the highest educational standards of all Britain’s diverse ethnicities. They also have the highest incomes and are the least likely to be in prison. The current cabinet is dominated by Indian ethnics, many of four generations back and most pundits are picking the current, (Indian ethnic) Chancellor as Boris’s successor.

But here in New Zealand the government’s posture, if in charge in Britain, would be that you citizens of Indian ethnicity, must step back and allow special privileges to the poor suffering original Anglo-Saxon and Celt inhabitants.

That is a parallel of what is happening here in New Zealand with maoridom.

We’re told maoridom is bearing the awful toll of colonialism, two centuries back.

I’m of Welsh and English stock and have also suffered this. My ancestors had to endure the bloody Roman invasion. Just as we were finally getting over that, bugger me if we then had bloody Vikings turn up and run all over us. My how we suffered from post-colonial stress but with the passing of time we were beginning to stand on our feet when in came the bloody Saxons. My God, the pain. How we lashed out at our wives and children as a result. But with no other option we hung on in and were just starting to gain some confidence when in 1066, the bloody French bowled up and it started all over again. And so it went. The agony of this constant post-colonial stress was unbearable.

So you will understand why maori beat up their wives and children, dominate prison statistics and every other negative measure. It’s all down to colonialism. Only by giving them special privileges will we solve the problem, or so the government asserts.

Being well meaning is no excuse for the racial division the government is promoting with its endless excuses for maori failure and maori privilege.

One of my best mates is maori. He endured the standard jailed father, the batterings and all the baggage that goes with it. Add to that dyslexia and gullibility leading to a short prison sentence but he was blessed with a typically strong willed maori mother’s influence, urging him to forgo excuses and look ahead and not backwards. He’s become a huge success as a human being and wants no truck with excuses. He’s self-employed and hugely liked by all and sundry as a terrific human being. Further, to his great credit, he scorns maori privilege.

I have maori children, no surprise there as I have them by a rich variety of races. They all get on with their lives and couldn’t give a stuff about their ancestry. It’s 100% irrelevant. Not only that but as most of them are girls, they’re all naturally stark raving mad but still overcome that handicap without proffering bogus excuses.

Meaning well is no excuse for causing harm. The government is causing enormous divisive damage to our social fabric by catering to the dying Stuff’s type maori wonderful nonsense. It will be a key reason they’re run out of office in two years time.