I have been using Outlook for a number of years and I've not really had an issue with it... though even now as I'm typing this it does work BUT I suspect the issue I'm about to describe is more a Microsoft problem than it is an Outlook problem.

So the low down....

For some of the emails I receive the images are not displayed... I get the placeholder with the little red cross and the text saying "this image cannot be displayed check that the file exists in the location specified etc"

Just to narrow things down...I have tried all of the following, which basically constitutes the most common things tha thave fixed the same issue for others but not for all people who have experienced the issue. Also for the most part in all the threads Ihave seen a lot of people have posted back saying that after some time, the issue just went away and a few weeks late they post again saying the issue has returned... the only commonaltiy being the installation of Windows Updates.....

  1. Yes the Downloard images is enabled in the Trust Centre
  2. The same issue happens with ESET Smart Security Premium enabled or disabled
  3. If I use Thunderbird (and leave ESET enabled)I have no issues at all (so for sure it's not an ESET issue)
  4. Have moved the Temporary Internet Files folder to a new location within "Documents" folder and increased the size of Temp Internet files to 500MB
  5. Reviewed a number of Registry/Group Policy suggestions none of which worked or the regkey doesn't exist which aligns with advice provided.
  6. Disabled the "Don't store encrypted files on local disk" in Internet Options

From what I can tell, the images affected appear to be "for the most part" images which reside on a CDN in some shape or form... as an example I receives emails from a local PC retailer and they appear to be using some kind of coud solution for their wedsite content which is served via a CDN of some kind. Whitelisting the senders address/domain does not solve the image issue because the images are hosted on a different domain but there is no option to "trust" this domain in Outlook and even if I add this CDN to ESET, there is no effect.

So the reason I would like to keep using Outlook is because of the archive to PST function... Thunderbird doesn't appear to have a similar function if it did, that's what I'd be using...

If anyone can help with answering the following that woudl be great;

  • Does Thunderbird support or have a "PST" archive solution
  • Are there any other email clients which support a "PST" like archive function?