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For instance, it was revealed a few days ago that despite people in Australia being so much better off than us in NZ in ways such as pay, holidays, prices etc; NZers are actually happier.

You can tell that for yourself - if we were more miserable, EVERYONE would go and live in OZ.
Hmm, surveys dont ask everyone, they ask a few. Very few.

Also some things are cheaper in aussie, some are far more expensive. car regos and the like for instance.

Some don't like the idea of living in a giant desert either.........even if there is a bit of greenery round the edges.
And then there is medical. Sure they have insurance, if you work. But still....I prefer NZs method.

And you can't just move to Aussie, you need a job. And somewhere to live.

I never wanted to go, even to visit, neither did husband.

Even if food costs more here, and pay is less. Although the pay thing, DIls son was going to go, he recently started a construction job here, had 1/2 brothers over there with a business....pay actuallly not quite as good apparently so he's dithering now.