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    Default Windows Defender and USB Memory Sticks

    I am Win 10 (64) latest (non preview) version.
    I back up to External HDDs and also USBs (also take USB to Print shop for printing)..
    On my current laptop, new since Sept 2020, I use only Windows Defender for protection.

    I cannot find a way for it to scan my USBs or external HDDs.
    Can someone guide me?

    I should prefer not to have to go back to my old laptop scenario where, in addition to Win Defender, I used 360 Total Security to be able to scan such devices

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    Default Re: Windows Defender and USB Memory Sticks

    I wouldn't rely on it.
    I recommend NOD32.

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    Default Re: Windows Defender and USB Memory Sticks

    Don't know off the top of my head, as like Piroska mentioned, I have Eset On all W10 PC's. BUT on Windows 11, you can right click the drive and right there is "Scan with Microsoft Defender".

    Eset will pop up the moment you plug in a USB and ask if you wan to scan it.

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    Default Re: Windows Defender and USB Memory Sticks

    I just plugged a USB into this WIN10 pro laptop. You can select all on the USB, and right click scan with defender

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