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    Default Re: Server 2019 Trial

    I would switch to Amahi server its free and runs great. I used it for around 6 years before my ancient server died and I didn't bother with another one.

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    Default Re: Server 2019 Trial

    Sorted! Once I got wifi connected is activated the software in the background so I have my full 180 days.

    Thanks everyone for your assistance.

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    Default Re: Server 2019 Trial

    Unless you are playing the audio directly on the server or transcoding it for some reason I can see no reason the audio quality would be different.
    A digital data stream should be Identical regardless of if it's coming from a windows share, a server, linux, a nas, whatever - it's just a file.

    But I never have run a proper server, just a home made nas for a while and now a store bought one. Nas4free works pretty well for basic server duties, it's a fork of FreeNas but that has some tougher requirements these days due to the file system it uses so I find Nas4free better.

    I have a fanless dual core amd 15w cpu embedded on a motherboard with 4gb of RAM that is too slow to run windows or even linux succesfully (they run but are horrible to use I tried) but it runs nas4free just fine and streams fullhd videos and lossless audio effortlessly.
    Seems I'm a couple years out of date though, it has a new name
    Ryzen 2700X, 16Gb DDR4RAM, 512GB M.2 NVME SSD, MSI GTX1070

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