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    Default Re: I tried out Windows 11

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    And yet no one complains that Win7 no longer has official support, despite there being support & updates for Win7 for the chosen few .

    All this happens ALL THE TIME with Android . Many Phones loose any support(updates) in 1-3 years , yet no one complains .
    Some of these phones cost more than a PC .

    Most name brand PC's bought in the last 2 years should meet the hardware requirements for Win11 .
    No one is being forced to go to Win11 .
    Because most people could upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and got to do so for free. There may have been some people who cling on but the vast, vast majority upgraded, sometimes not by choice.

    Most PC's that are capable of running Windows 11 short of a TPM won't be able to upgrade. I can go and buy a mid range PC right now brand new and there's a good chance it won't be able to run Windows 11.

    There's a big difference and that argument is disingenuous- phones are far, far more susceptible to breaking than PC's by the very nature that they're taken around, carried outside and exposed to more risk. Not only that, people don't get disaster warnings that their phone is going out of support. Ignorance may be bliss but it doesn't mean it's right.
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    Default Re: I tried out Windows 11

    I have now managed to install W11 on my Dell, works well, and much to my surprise it Activated without any help from me.

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