I tried out Windows 11, and found that most of the exaggerated hardware requirements are not true, and that it is no different to Windows 10.
The only obvious difference is cosmetic. The Start menu is similar to some Linux distros, and is a great improvement on the W10 menu. The colours are softer, and cheerful, I like them.

I installed W11 in Lidvirt/Qemu, hosted by Linux Mint 19.3. I gave it 4 GB Ram, 2 x1.6 GHZ CPU, and 30 GB virtual drive. It performed perfectly. I installed a variety of software, only had issues with one app. Sound was excellent.

I also tried to install it on a HP Stream with 32 GB drive. It would not install, and needed at least 51 GB. Presumably it wanted to include a recovery partition. The Stream was on W10 Home originally before being changed to Linux MX.

I think W11 is a challenge to Linux, and if they get a decent file manager they may succeed