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Just Curious -- being an Enterprise IT Consultant --- What are you going to tell your clients Who may have perfectly good Hardware and run either W7 or W10 Now, -- What do you think they will say to you if you tell them they have to spend several thousands of $$$ to upgrade their systems (this is beyond 2025 as well) especially if it were a company that had Hundreds of Computers. ?

Don't think you'd have to be smart to figure out what their response will be
To be fair, have not encountered this issue... when W10 came out, we were on the front foot with most of our clients with the need to look at moving to Windows 10... but most of them were already ahead of the curve on that. Also, "most" enterprises have a hardware refresh cycle that is between 3-5 years, so for the most part hardware compatibility/currency, is usually not an issue. For most of our enterprise customers, rolling hardware contracts help to keep the cost down...

I do have one client who is currently running exclusively on Microsoft Surface hardware which is running 6th Gen Intel and they have started upgrading because the suite of applications they use is not running well on their hardware, so they have to upgrade... this goes back to my point that you can't purchase hardware based purely on the OS you're running... what you do with the computer plays just as an important role... if a home user only checks email and brower's the web then maybe something like a chrome book is more suitable rather than a "full blown OS" for lack of a better word.