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    Default Have you seen the Oceania ad?

    You will have seen the Oceania ad with two "pilots" sitting in what seems to be a flying simulator. But why is it jumping back and forth?

    I have flown in a few different types of planes, from the small grumman widgeon, to the DC3, to the 747 and none of those planes vibrate back and forth like that. All the planes I have flown in have been very smooth.

    So why do they show a simulator that vibrates? Very unrealistic.
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    Default Re: Have you seen the Oceania ad?

    Maybe it's a vibrator that is stimulates


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    Default Re: Have you seen the Oceania ad?

    Their old simulator was no great shakes, so the boss sent the apprentice tea lady's junior assistant out to buy a better one. This definitely is great shakes.
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